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No. 338.


      By Sir Charles Hamilton, Bart. Vice Admiral of the Blue, and Commander in Chief of His Majesty's Ships and Vessels employed and to be employed at and about the Island of Newfoundland &c. &c.
      Having communicated with His Majesty's Sloop Carnation as directed by my Order No. 1, of this date, you are hereby required and directed to proceed in His Majesty's Ship Tamar under your Command to the Coast of Labrador for the protection of the fisheries carried on by His Majesty's Subjects, visiting for that purpose the different Establishments from Lat. 55° if you should find any so far North, South and Westward to Esquimaux Bay on the same Coast in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, or as much further towards Mount Joli as our fisheries may extend, and deciding in conformity with your duty as a Surrogate and Justice of the Peace, any Causes or Complaints that may be brought before you.
      You will endeavour to obtain the most correct Information of which Circumstances will admit of the number of Fishing Vessels and Subjects of the United States of America employed in fishing on the Coasts of Labrador, and the part of the Coast of this Island which that nation has the privilege by Treaty of using, and also of the Fishery of the French, carefully observing the Instructions you have received respectively concerning them. Reports on these heads you will make as conveniently as you can correspondent to the accompanying form.
      If you should find it necessary you are authorised to take a Pilot for the Coasts to which you are bound, and to bear him on the Books of the Ship you Command for Victuals only for which Service he will be paid at the rate of 5/— per day, and you are to discharge him with Triplicate Certificates the moment you are able to dispense with his assistance.
      You will continue on this Service until the decreasing state of your Provisions shall in your opinion make it proper to return to St. John's for a further supply.

Given under my Hand on board the              
Sir Francis Drake in St. John's                 
          Harbour the 11th June, 1819.              
C.  HAMILTON.      
      To the Hon. John Gordon,
Captain of His Majesty's Ship Tamar.
By Command of the Vice Admiral,
                P. C. LEGEYT.
      N.B.—You will receive herewith a Commission authorising you to collect the Greenwich Hospital duty to which you will have due attention.



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