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No. 330.



RECORD BOOK, ST. JOHN'S, NFLD. VOL. 20, page 136.

Hatchet's Hotel, 24th. Jany. 1809  
          I have the honor to inclose to you a parcel of Papers from No 1 to No 8, which relate to a Seizure of an American Schooner named the Melinda, made on the Coast of Labrador by Lieut. McKillop, Commanding His Majesty's Schooner Adonis, and sent by him to St. John's for adjudication; but the Vice Admiralty Court there, not having Jurisdiction over the Coast of Labrador, the Vessel alluded to has lain ever since in St. John's Harbour waiting for some steps to be taken by Government in her behalf— It was too late in the Season of 1807 after her arrival at St. John's to have sent her to Quebec, and the last year she was not in a state to go with safety.—These circumstances together with the accompanying Papers will shew that this Seizure was a proper Detection of an illicit Trade carried on at Labrador, and that the steps pursued by the Captors were proper, who had no Means or Alternative of bringing this Business to a legal Decision.
      I therefore have to solicit their Lordships that the whole of these Papers may be laid before Sir William Scott, that he may see the hardship of the case, and decide thereon accordingly, in order that the Captors might be exonerated from any Consequences that might be incurred by this unavoidable Delay.
I have the honor to be                               
                       Your most obedient humble servant,          
Sir Stephen Cottrell Kt,
        &c &c &c.



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