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No. 327.



RECORD BOOK, ST. JOHN'S, NEWFOUNDLAND.  Volume 19, page 197.

Fort Townshend, 9th Sept. 1807.
      By His Majesty's Ship Topaze I have the honour to relate to Your Lordship a circumstance which I feel of importance for Your Lordship's consideration.
      The Americans that fish on the coast of Labrador having long since been suspected (and upon good information) of carrying great quantities of Provisions as well as other contraband Articles, which they sell and barter to the British Merchants who with great facility tranship them in small quantities to this Island.
      It has been usual for the Commander in Chief of Newfoundland to send Vessels to the Coast of Labrador, not only to protect His Majesty's Subjects, but the Commanders also have orders, to prevent any illicit Trade between them and other Powers.
      The Adonis Cutter Lieutenant McKillop, a few days since detained two American Vessels upon correct information, of their having sold and bartered a great quantity of Provisions and other Articles, and had laden with Fish, not caught or cured by the people of the United States: they are sent here for adjudication where it is alledged they cannot be tried as the Offence was committed without the Jurisdiction of this Government, if they are liberated it will be giving great encouragement to the Americans to pursue this system which must prove highly injurious to this Majesty's Commercial Interest. It is impracticable at this Season of the year to send Vessels to Quebec and it would also be attended with great inconvenience in the event of liberation from the situation of that Port.
      The Coast of Labrador was formerly annexed to this Government, and, I understand by my Papers from the Admiralty was removed to Quebec on account of a few Grants to Individuals, which extend but to a small District. I therefore humbly beg leave to suggest to Your Lordship the advantage which will arise to His Majesty's Government by annexing the Coast of Labrador to this Command as the most effectual mode of suppressing this Illicit Trade which otherwise will prove a great evil to the Trade of Great Britain.
I have the honor to be,                                      
My Lord,                                          
Your Lordship's most obedient humble servant,  
J. HOLLOWAY.      
The Right Honorable Viscount Castlereagh.



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