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No. 317.



RECORD   BOOK,   Volume 7,  page  170.
Whitehall, 2nd April, 1779.    
      Your predecessor Vice Admiral Montagu, in Order to encourage the Occupiers of the principal Fishing Ports on the Island of Newfoundland, and the Labrador Coast to throw up some Works for security of their Craft and Stages, against the attacks of Privateers and the absence of the King's Ships gave them reason to expect they should be supplied with Arms and Ammunition for their defence, and for that purpose retain'd about forty Pieces of Iron Ordnance, which had been Ordered to be sent to Quebec last year, His Majesty approving of this measure has been graciously pleased to direct the Board of Ordnance to send out to Newfoundland 700 stand of Small Arms & with a proportion of Ammunition to be distributed by you, with the Iron Cannon among the principal Fishermen according as they shall appear to you to merrit, taking an obligation from them to return the Small Arms and Cannon to the King's Stores when peace shall be restor'd.
      Among those who by their own exertion have intitled themselves to particular notice is Mr. Coghlan, who carried on the most considerable Fishery on the Coast of Labrador from whence he beat off the Rebels Privateer Commanded by Grimes last Year, and he has engaged upwards of 250 Men to submit themselves to military discipline, and assist him in the defence of His Posts the next Season, he is therefore desirous of obtaining twelve pieces of Cannon and 250 Musquets with Ammunition in proportion, and as he has given so good a proof of his determination to use them properly, I think his request ought to be complied with.
I am, &c.,                                   
Governor Edwards.



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