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No. 309.


C.O. RECORDS 194/33.
Whitehall, 18th March 1777.

      The Object of the inclosed Memorial of William Thomas, Merchant of Poole, appearing to the Lords Commissioners of Trade and Plantations to be nothing more than the being protected in the Fishing Posts he has occupied the two last Seasons on the Labradore Coast, and that the continuing him in such Possession is perfectly consistent with the general Regulations of the Fishery upon that Coast; I am to signify to you His Majesty's Pleasure that you do instruct the Commander of such of his Majesty's Ships under your Command, as you shall appoint to visit the Coast of Labradore the ensuing Season, to protect Mr. Thomas and his servants, in the Possession of the fishing Posts described in his Memorial, if, upon Examination, the facts shall be, found to be as he bath set them forth, and for so long as lie shall continue to perform the Conditions required of the Occupyers of Fishing Posts upon that Coast in the Earl of Dartmouth's Letter of the 9th March 1773.

I am, &c.              Signed: GEO. GERMAIN.  

Endorsed: Drat to Governor Montagu.
      18th March 1777.



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