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No. 304.

(Enclosure in No. 302.)


CAN ARCH.   Q 11, p. 142.

The Right Honourable the Earl of Dartmouth;
      one of His Principal Secretaries of State.

The Memorial of WILLIAM BURGESS of London Merchant

Humbly Sheweth—

      That your Memorialist having been some years concern'd in the Fishery on the coast of Labrador under the controul of the Governor of Newfoundland, is in a great measure prevented carrying his undertakings to any extent unless favor'd by Government with a Grant of Land because, on that part of Labrador for which he now petitions to obtain Seals & other animals that breed in those Seas, it is necessary to keep a Settlement the year round to be ready for the opening of the Ice in the Spring, inhabited by a number of settlers; & to build such places for shelter as may secure them from the inclemency of the weather, & the Incroachments and Depredations of the Indians who wander about that Country, & who have at times cut off many people which might have been averted by this plan of settlement.
      Your Memorialist begs leave to represent, that to accomplish his Design he must be at a considerable expence to raise those buildings, & victual & cloath the people, & the only chance he can see of reimbursing this expence, is by a grant confirming it to him, securing a certain possession—& that this design when put into execution will be of great advantage to the Commerce of this Nation, as the produce of it will be a supply of Oils for the lamps of this metropolis & other Cities of the Kingdom—Sealskins &c. besides the shipping & seamen necessary for carrying it on from hence,
      The Situation your Memorialist petitions for is on the Coast of Labrador beginning at Island point to the Northward of petit Modeste crossing the river Desfrancois southward to a point of Land call'd Ance-du-Loup including the small Islands of grand—& petit St. Modeste.—this coast is inhospitable & the Islands barren sands unfit for Cultivation.
      Your Memorialise humbly hopes that your Lordship will consider the reasonableness of his plea & grant him his petition.

London May 1775.



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