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No. 302.


C.O. RECORDS 5/121.
Whitehall, 28 April, 1775.
      I have not failed to lay before the King your Lordship's Letter to me of the 24th Instant, desiring I would receive, and communicate to you, His Majesty's pleasure, whether you should make any alteration in, or addition to the Instructions given last year to the Commander of His Majesty's Ships upon the Newfoundland Station.
      Upon this occasion, I have it in command from the King, to send your Lordships, Extracts of such parts of His Majesty's Instructions to His Governor of Quebec as relate to the Fisheries upon the Coast of Labrador and Islands adjacent thereto, from which your Lordships will observe, that tho' that Coast and those Islands have by Act of Parliament been re-annexed to the Province of Quebec, yet it is His Majesty's intention, that no material alteration should be made in the regulations, which had been wisely adopted for the encouragement and advantage of the Fisheries carried on there, whilst they remained parts of the Government of Newfoundland and therefore it is His Majesty's pleasure that you do instruct Rear Admiral Duff to make these Fisheries particular objects of his attention and enquiry, affording them every reasonable and necessary protection, and transmitting to your Lordships in order to be communicated to me for His Majesty's Information, the fullest reports of the state, condition and progress thereof. It is also His Majesty's Pleasure, that Rear Admiral Duff should likewise be instructed to give such support and protection to the Establishments of the Society of the Unitas Fratrum upon the Coast of Labrador, as shall correspond with His Majesty's gracious intention towards that Society, expressed in the Instructions to Govr. Carleton and in my letter to your Lordships of the 16th of June 1774.
*                    *                    *                    *

[Signed:] DARTMOUTH.   



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