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No. 297.


By His Excellency Molyneux Shuldham, Esquire, Governor and Commander-in-Chief, etc., etc.

COLONIAL OFFICE RECORDS. 194/73.   Enclosed E.
3rd August 1774.  

      Whereas, by my order of the 30th August, 1772, I appointed you Commander of York Fort, established at Pitt's Harbour, in Chateaux Bay, on the Coast of Labrador, with the garrison for the defence of it, consisting of twenty men belonging to His Majesty's Ship Panther, for the protection of His Majesty's subjects concerned in the Fisheries established on, and the Fishing Ships resorting to that coast. And whereas the Right Honorable the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty have been pleased to signify to me, that the Earl of Rochford, one of His Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, hath acquainted them, by his letter, of the 16th June last, that a Bill hath been under the consideration of, and has passed, both Houses of Parliament, by which the Coast of Labrador, (made part of the Government of Newfoundland by the Royal Proclamation of the 7th October, 1763) is re-annexed to the Government of Quebec, in consequence of which regulation, when the Act shall have passed, all authority on that Coast given to me in my capacity as Governor will cease. But that it is His Majesty's pleasure that I do, as Commander of the Ships employed for the protection of the Fisheries, superintend those on the Labrador Coast as well as those of Newfoundland; and that I do in a particular manner, give all possible encouragement and protection as well to the Seal and Sea-Cow Fisheries as to the Cod Fisheries, carried on by the King's subjects from Great Britain, on such parts of the Coast as are not claimed as private property, under regular Canadian titles; and that I do also countenance and protect, as much as in me lies, the Establishments formed, under the King's authority, by the Society of the Unitas Fratrum, to the westward of the Straits of Belleisle. You are hereby required and directed to take particular care that His Majesty's pleasure, in regard to the several particulars aforementioned, be strictly complied with, as far as is dependent on you as Commander of York Fort, and conformable to the instructions you have already received from me for your government in that capacity. And you are to hold yourself, with the Garrison under your command, in readiness to be relieved whenever you shall receive orders for that purpose;

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having the strictest attention to the care of the provisions, ordnance, and other stores committed to your charge; and keeping a very particular account of the expenditure thereof.

Given under my hand, at Saint Johns,

3rd August, 1774.                       

(Signed)   M. SHULDHAM.  
To Mr. Alexander Ged,
     Commanding Officer at York Fort,
     in Chateau Bay, on the Coast of
By His Excellency's Command,          


No. 298.                                C



Record Office,
     C.O. 194
St. John's Harbour,               
Duplicate.                                                     25th August, 1774.  

My Lord,
      I have the honor to acquaint Your Lordship of my arrival at this Place in his Majesty's Ship Panther the 2nd Instant, when I resumed the Government of this Island and its Dependencies, the different Fisheries of which, from all the Enquiries, I have yet been able to make, I have the pleasure to inform your Lordship are in their usual State, and the Inhabitants as well as other Persons concerned in them, Quiet and satisfied in their several Departments: His Majesty's Ships and Vessels under my Command are all arrived and employed on their respective Stations, and from the information of their Commanders, the French Subjects behave with Conformity to the stipulations of the Treaties subsisting between the two Crowns in that part of the Island allotted to them for carrying on their Fishery.

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      I need not inform your Lordship, that a Blockhouse, called York Fort, is erected and established in Chateau Bay on the Coast of Labrador, which is garrisoned with Twenty Men from His Majesty's Ships under my command, for the protection of the Persons concerned in the Fisheries on that Coast, and in consequence of my Instructions from the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty of the 17th June last, importing, that a Bill hath been under the consideration of, and has passed both Houses of Parliament, by which the Coast of Labrador, (made part of the Government of Newfoundland by the Royal Proclamation of the 7th October, 1763) is re-annexed to the Government of Quebec; in consequence of which Regulation, when the Act shall have been passed all Authority on that Coast given to you in your capacity of Governor will cease, I have sent an Order (Copy of which I send your Lordship enclosed), to the Officer Commanding that Fort, for his Government, and shall continue to protect and superintend the different Fisheries carried on upon the Coast of Labrador, as well as those of Newfoundland, agreeable to the said Instructions. I have the honor to be My Lord,

Your Lordship's Most Obedient and most humble Servant,

Rt. Hon. The Earl of Dartmouth.

Endorsed: St. John's, Newfoundland, 25th August, 1774.




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