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No. 281.


Sandwich Schooner,          
25th Aug., 1773.  


        Pursuant to your directions to me dated the 14th July, 1773, I have been up the coast of Labrador as far as Kewedloke—an Indian settlement in the latitude of 58° 10´.
      In my progression to the North, I observed that the land became more and more barren, and after you come to the 56th degree of latitude, the sea coast appears a barren rock, being almost totally deprived of that little verdure which is seen on the more southern parts of this immense country.
      It is not to be doubted but that many excellent seal fisheries may be established upon this coast:—the cod do not visit these northern parts until late in the season. There are a few excellent salmon rivers, and at Nuckbawk which I apprehend from Indian information to be about the 59th degree of latitude, there are sea cows in the winter. The whales sometimes visit the coast in vast numbers in the fall of the year.
      The Moravians are settled within some islands about the latitude 56° 50´ at a place the Indians called Nonyoke, and to which they have given the name of Unity Bay; they have a commodious house surrounded with palisades; they are much respected by the Indians, and have made a surprising progress in civilising, and rendering them good subjects, indeed I am bound in justice to declare that this settlement appears to be of infinite use to the fishery upon this coast as by softening the manners of the savages, the adventurers will run but little risk of future annoyances, and I think extremely deserving of the protection and the encouragement of government.

ROGER CURTIS.          
            Commander in Chief, etc., etc.



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