p. 1082                       JOINT

No. 279.


C.O. RECORDS 194 / 31.


WHEREAS the Earl of Dartmouth, one of His Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, has been pleased to signify to me that it has been represented to the King, that several of His Majesty's Subjects have been at a Considerable Expence in making Establishments on the Coast of Labrador for the Purpose of carrying on the Seal and Salmon Fishery; and as it is equally just and Expedient that such Persons should be encouraged and secured in their Possessions, as far as the nature and Interests of the Fishery in general upon that Coast will admit. Pursuant to His Majesty's Pleasure I do hereby give notice, that such of His Majesty's Subjects of Great Britain or Ireland, or the Islands of Guernsey and Jersey, who have taken, or shall, hereafter take actual possession, in any of the Rivers and Bays on the Coast of Labrador, or to the Northward of the Streights of Belleisle, and who have Erected or shall Erect Houses and Warehouses and made or shall make other permanent Establishments, with a view to carry on the Seal and Salmon Fishery, shall be protected in such possessions, Provided such Persons do for the future, annually fit out from Great Britain or Ireland, or the Islands of Guernsey or Jersey one or more Ship or Ships, to be employed in the Cod Fishery on the Coast of Labrador; But all Persons are to take notice, and I do by these Presents proclaim, that no Proprietor or Proprietors of such Fishing Posts shall have any right to Claim, or be suffered to occupy any greater Extent of the shore than I, or His Majesty's Governor for the time being shall judge necessary, in proportion to the number of Vessels and Men employed in the Fishery and at the said Posts.

      Given under my Hand, on board His Majesty's Ship Alborough, in Chateaux Bay, this 21st Augt 1773.

Endorsed:    No. 1. In Governor
    Shuldham's of 15th Septr 1773.



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