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No. 270.





To the Right Honorable the Lords Commissioners of Trade and       Plantations.

The Humble Petition of John Noble of Bristol, and Andrew Pinson       of Dartmouth, Merchants and Co-partners.

      That your Petitioners two years since laid before your Lordships their humble Petition for a Grant of that part of Temple Bay, called Lance Cove, on the Coast of Labradore, and certain other matters therein specified. That the Reply to such Petition was, that it contained Matters worthy their Consideration; but that it was then too late for their Determination; or, if such Petition should be granted, would be too late for your Petitioners to carry any scheme into Execution; they therefore recommended an early Application the ensuing Fall. Your Petitioners however did not renew their Application, as recommended, chuseing to be more certain of the Success of their Scheme of drying Fish on that Coast, which to that time was thought impracticable, and was carried thence to the Coast of Newfoundland for that purpose. Your Petitioners therefore, (one of whom has annually been on the Spott,) being since convinced, that the Cod, and also the Seal and Salmon Fisheries may be carried on there with advantage to themselves, and this Nation in general under proper Encouragements from your Lordships, Beg Leave to acquaint your Lordships, that since that time they have enlarged their Fishery to the annual Employments of 150 Men, with four stout Ships, agreeable to the Act in such case provided; That your Petitioners have cleared and now occupie the said part of Temple Bay, and have at a great Expense built certain Stages, Flakes, Houses, and other fishing Works necessary for carrying on a very extensive Cod Fishery on that Coast, which they presume is their property, agreeable to the Proviso in the Fishing Acts; but should your Lordships be convinced of the Contrary. They humbly and earnestly crave to be confirmed in such their Possessions, free from the Molestation of any other Person whatsoever.

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      Your Petitioners now beg leave to assure Your Lordships, that the Cod Fishery on that Coast cannot be carried on with Advantage, unless connected with the Salmon and Seal Fisheries; Your Petitioners therefore earnestly request Your Lordships will confirm to them the Sealing Posts, called Seal Islands, near Cape Charles, which they at present Occupie; and that the rest of the Sealing Posts, (of which there are great Numbers on that Coast hitherto unoccupied,) together with the Salmon Rivers, be laid under the following Restrictions, which with due Submission they refer to your Lordships superior Judgements.
       That every Adventurer in the Cod Fishery on that Coast be allowed to take and remain in quiet possession of any Salmon & Sealing Posts, so long as they continue to occupie the same with Ships annually from Great Britain, or Ireland properly cleared out with such equal Number of Men, as they may employ in the Salmon and Seal Fisheries, and those to be actually employed in the Cod Fishery, and Your Petitioners will, as in Duty bound, ever pray.

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p. 148.

Representation of the Lords of Trade.

To the King's Most Excellent Majesty.

May it please Your Majesty,
          We have had under Our Consideration the Memorial of George Cartwright Esquire Merchant, setting forth that he has, at great hazard & expence settled himself upon the Coast of Labrador between the Capes Charles & Saint Lewis where he has erected sundry Dwelling Houses, Store houses, and other Conveniencies for the purpose of establishing & carrying on the Seal & Salmon Fisheries & other useful & commercial undertakings that having suffered great Loss and Interruption in his said undertakings by the operation of the Law for encouraging the Trade to Newfoundland, which gives the Election of Posts to the Ship saccording to the priority of their Arrival, he humbly prays to be recommended to Your Majesty to be secured in his said Establishments by a Grant from Your Majesty of a small Tract of the said Coast lying between Cape Charles & Cape Saint Lewis for the purposes above specified  We have likewise had under our Consideration the Memorial of John Noble of Bristol & Andrew Pinson of Dartmouth Merchants

p. 1070

& Copartners praying to be confirmed in their sealing Posts on the said Coast, & suggesting certain regulations with regard to the Seal & Salmon Fisheries; Copy of which Memorial as likewise of that of Mr Cartwright above recited, We beg Leave hereunto to annex, & humbly to represent to Your Majesty,
      That having been attended by the several Memorialists in person, & entered fully into an Examination of the nature & Circumstances of the Fisheries for Seal & Salmon in the Rivers & Bays upon the Coast of Labrador, as likewise of the Fishery for Cod by Ships fitted out from Great Britain, it does appear to Us from the different Seasons proper for these Fisheries, & the different modes of carrying them on, that they may not only be conducted without interruption & detriment to each other, but that the only method of making these undertakings an object of Consideration to the Public, or of advantage to Individuals concerned in them, will be by thus carrying them on in Connection with each other by Ships annually fitted out from Great Britain, & as it does further appear to be manifest, that actual residence & continued possession are essentially necessary to the carrying on the Seal & Salmon Fisheries on the Coast of Labrador, We beg Leave humbly to submit to Your Majesty the following regulation as proper for securing the possessions of persons concerned in the said resident Fisheries of Seal and Salmon on the above Coast Viz. That such of Your Majesty's Subjects of Great Britain & Ireland who have taken or shall hereafter take such actual possession in any of the Rivers & Bays on the Coast of Labrador to the North of the Streights of Bellisle, & who have erected, or shall hereafter erect Houses & Warehouses, & have made or shall hereafter make other Establishments necessary to the carrying on the Seal & Salmon Fisheries, shall be protected in such possession, provided such persons do for the future annually fit out from Great Britain one or more Ship or Ships to be employed in the Cod Fishery on the said Coast of Labradore & provided also, that the greatest Care be taken that the Proprietor or Proprietors of such fishing Posts do not claim or occupy a greater Extent of the Coast within the said Bays or Rivers, than shall in the Judgement of Your Majesty's Governor of Newfoundland or the Officer by him deputed, be thought absolutely necessary in proportion to the Number of Vessels, or Men employed at the said Posts.
       Which is most humbly submitted
SOAME JENYNS               
W. JOLLIFFE                      
       March 2d. 1773



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