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No. 269.



To Mr Andrew Pinson, Merchant, at Dartmouth.

      The Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations having under their consideration, a memorial presented to the Earl of Dartmouth, by George Cartwright Esquire, Merchant, complaining of his having been disturbed by you and your Agents in the possession of a fishing Post occupied by him on the Coast of Labrador in North America, comprehending the Lands and Islands lying between Cape Charles and Cape Lewis, and, praying that he may be confirmed in such possession by His Majesty's Authority; I am directed by their Lordships to communicate to you this application, to the end, that, if you have any objection to the recommending what is proposed by Mr. Cartwright, you may have an opportunity of stating that objection before their Lordships make their Report to His Majesty upon his Memorial, in the preparing of which Report, their Lordships will allow, a reasonable time for an answer to this Letter, which answer you will transmit to me as soon as conveniently may be.
I am, Sir,
Your most obedient humble Servant,                
J. POWNALL.     

Jany 29th, 1773.



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