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No. 254.



B.T.N.   VOL. 20.

      This accompanies the general Scheme of the British Fishery within my Government for this Year 1767, To which I have only to add for your Lordships Information, that amongst the many abuses in the management thereof, I have been particularly attentive to endeavour to remedy that great one so much complained of (Vizt) the great number of Idle useless People remaining in the Country during the Winter, which is a dead charge on the Fish Trade, a good deal has been done towards it, and I flatter myself it may be accomplished in a short time; I have a satisfaction in being able to inform your Lordship, that the number of Ships employ'd therein has Yearly increased, and the number of Men returning Yearly to Britain and Ireland is full double what it ever has been for Sixty Years past, tho' yet not quite equal to what France has from her limited Fishery, the particular measures which I have pursued this Year for accomplishing this end, is contained in the paper herewith sent, titled an Order issued in 1767 for sending home all Men that are useless in the Country, after the Fishing Season is over.
      A part of the Coast Fishery this Year has proved very bad from the scarcity of Fish, but the success in other parts has in a great measure made up that loss.
      I visited the Coast of Labrador this Year, and find reason to confirm my former Reports of the Value of that new Fishing Coast, Twenty Seven British Fishing Ships were there this Year, those who first objected to establishing the Ship Fishery there, have now address'd me to support it, I have accordingly established it upon the System of the Act of the 10th & 11th of Willm 3d and under such Regulations conformable thereto, as the Adventurers themselves desired, so there is a good prospect of that Fishery being much extended for the Publick benefit; the measures taken for this end with the advice and consent of the Adventurers on the spot, is contained in the paper titled Establishment of the Ship Fishery in Labrador 1767.
      With respect to the Trade and Fisheries carried on within this Government by Vessels and People from ye Plantations, the particulars thereof is annexed to the General Scheme of the Fishery herewith sent, it may be proper here, only to report upon this Subject, that the mix'd Multitudes of disorderly Crews from the different Colonies resorting to this Government, have this

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      Year behaved more orderly than heretofore, fewer Insolences to the Kings Officers, and fewer mischiefs and obstructions to each other have hapened; upon the whole they are now reduced into some degree of order, and all seem to be convinced that the necessary Regulations made by me, are Calculated for their benefit, and submit thereto, a few offenders excepted amongst the New England Men, who are the most difficult to manage.

London 15th December 1767.

      To The Right Honble the Earl of Shelburne &ca &ca/

Endorsed: Governor Pallissers Report of Occurrances &ca       respecting the State of the British Fishery 1767.



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