The Labrador Boundary

Privy Council Documents

Volume III

[27 Aug., 1767.]

N.B. This Rule relates only to Esquemeaux Island, Henley Island, Castle Island and the Seal Islands without any regard to room for drying and curing of Fish, those Islands being all deemed Stage Room only.

N.B. This Rule does not extend to Esquemeaux Island, Henley Island, Castle Island and the Seal Islands, which are appropriated for Stage Room only.

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No. 253.



Additonal Rules proposed in Labrador, agreed to and register'd.
Chateaux Bay, Labrador, 22nd August, 1767.

      1.   According to the opinion of all Adventurers in this District, it is agreed, that from sufficient experience, it appears that Esquimeaux Island, Henley Island, Castle Island, and the Seal Islands, are not places where any Person can cure a Voyage of Fish, but that they are exceeding convenient places for erecting many stages and Works upon, for Splitting and Salting Fish only, therefore to prevent the same being engross'd by a few, and that as many Ships may as can possibly with conveniency be admitted to the use of those Islands for the aforesaid purpose, after duly considering all circumstances, and the course of the Fishery upon this Coast, it is agreed as follows:
      That is is necessary to have Stage Room enough to lay occasionally at one time, two Hundred Quintals of Fish in Salt pile per Boat, and that a space equal to 25 feet square which is 625 square feet is necessary and sufficient for that and all other purposes, excluding the Stage Head, the measurement to commence at 36 feet from the outermost Beam of the Stage Head.
      That all Stages now built, or that hereafter may be built on the said Islands, shall be measured, register'd and Rated according to the above proportion, but no Stage to be Register'd till a Platform of at least two Beams length is laid, and a Roof frame over it at the end of the Season, and to be allowed the following Season to finish it, then to be Rated according to this proportion.
      That if Ships should occasionally make their Stages on the said Islands serve for a greater number of Boats than the above proportion, that shall not give them a right to hold any adjacent or other vacant Ground for those overplus Boats, from having Stages Built thereon by others.
      That if the Measurement of a Stage exceeds the even proportions above mentioned so much as one half of a proportion for a Boat, such excess to be rated for another Boat.
      That any Ship may build Stages on any vacant space on the said Islands, observing to leave sufficient room between his in and out Stage and another for two Shallops to he abreast.
      All Hutts, Cookrooms, &c. belonging to each Stage, are to be built on the Shore as near as possible, within the extent of their respective Stages along the Shore.

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      2.   In order to put an end to all unfair practices and engrossing places to obstruct discourage and exclude other Adventurers on the said Island, as well as on other parts of this Coast.
      No marks whatever that may be put up on any places on this Coast, except Stages and Fishing Works actually built or in hand a Building, shall exclude another Ship on the spot, from immediately Building thereon, and whoever begins a Stage without finishing it at the end of a Season, it is not to be register'd except a Platform of at least two Beams length is laid and finished, this and nothing else to be deemed a lawfull mark, then it is to be register'd and allowed the following Season to finish it, and all unregister'd places are deemed void and free for a new comer to chuse and Build thereon, notwithstanding any marks put up thereon.

      3.   Whereas great disorders and damages frequently arise to the Adventurers, by strong Liquors being sold amongst the Fishermen and Seamen, it is agreed that no Person shall sell or pretend to give Strong Liquors to the Fishermen and Seamen of another Ship on the Coast, and whoever does so, on being convicted thereof before any two of the Fishing Admirals of the Harbour, or the Commander of a King's Ship, if he is a proprietor of all the Stages and Works on this Coast belonging to him, shall be forfeited to the Publick, and the same to be enter'd in the Register Book accordingly, and if such Person is a Master of a Ship, an Agent or a Servant, he shall forfeit all his wages to the Master of the Seamen or Fishermen, to whom the Liquor may be sold or pretended to be given, and if the Employers of such Masters, Agents, or Servants, continue them afterwards in their service upon this Coast, all the Stages and Works on this Coast belonging to such Employers to be forfeited to the Publick.

      4.   In order to prevent as much as possible disputes, arising hereafter about the space of beach or Flake Room to be allowed to Fishing Ships on this Coast, in proportion to their number of Men and Boats, there being no Rule prescribed for it by the Fishing Act, and seeing the difficulty of prescribing a rule for each of the various kinds of places; In order that every Adventurer may have full and sufficient Room for carrying on their business with conveniency, the nature of the Fishery on this Coast also consider'd; It is agreed that a space of one Hundred and Twenty Feet Square for each Boat and every Seven Men, contained in a Ships Fishing Certificate, is on a medium a full and sufficient proportion to be allowed for all the various kinds of Ground on which the Adventurers who are Proprietors or Occupiers may make any kind of Flakes and Fishing Works they think best adapted to the Places, and in cases of disputes arising concerning Room, the Fishing Admirals are to decide the same by this Rule.



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