p. 847                                           C

No. 191.



(L.S.)                                    George R.

Instructions to Our Trusty and Welbeloved Frederick Haldimand     Esquire, Our Captain General & Governor in Chief in & over     Our Province of Quebec in America & of all Our Territories     dependent thereupon Given at Our Court at St James's the     Fifteenth day of April 1778. In the Eighteenth Year of Our     Reign.—

    First  With these Our Instructions You will receive Our Commission under Our Great Seal of Great Britain, constituting you Our Captain General & Governor in Chief in and over Our Province of Quebec in America, & all Our Territories thereunto belonging, bounded & described, as in Our said Commission is set forth; in Execution therefore of the Trust We have reposed in you, You are to take on You the Administration of the Government, & to do & execute all things belonging to your Command, according to the several Powers & Authorities of Our said Commission & these Our Instructions to you, or according to such further Powers & Instructions as you shall at any time hereafter receive under Our Signet or Sign Manual, or by Our Order in Our Privy Council; and you are to call together at Quebec (which We do hereby appoint to be the Place of your ordinary Residence, & the Principal Seat of Government) the following Persons, whom We do hereby constitute & appoint to be Our Council for the Affairs of Our said Province & the Territories thereunto belonging, Vizt Hector Theophilus Cramahé Esqr Our Lieutenant Governor of Our said Province, or Our Lieutenant Governor of Our said Province for the time being, Peter Livius Esqr Our Chief Justice of Our said Province, or Our Chief Justice of Our said Province for the time being, Hugh Finlay, Thomas Dunn, James Cuthbert, Francis L'Evesque, Edward Harrison, John Collins, Adam Mabane, Chaussegros de Lery, George Pownall Esqr Our Secretary of Our said Province, or Our Secretary of Our said Province for the time being, George Alsopp, La Corne St Luc, Alexander Johnston, Conrad Gugy, Picotté de Belestres, John

¹ Canadian Archives, Q 26 B, p. 213, and C.O. 43, vol. 2, p. 323.

p. 848

Fraser, Henry Caldwell, John Drummond, William Grant, Rocque St Ours Junior, Francis Baby, &                  De Longueuil Esqr every one of which respectively shall enjoy his Office of Councillor aforesaid for & during Our Will and Pleasure, & his Residence within Our said Province of Quebec, & not otherwise.—

    (The following section, 2-15 as 16-57 of the Instructions to Haldimand, are identical with 2-15 as 18-58 of the General Instructions to Carleton of 3d Jany, 1775, ante pp. 821-826 et. seq.—omitting the latter part of section 9—and adding section 16, as follows.)

    16.  And Whereas, in pursuance of the foregoing Instructions, Ordinances have been framed and ordained for the Establishment of Courts, and directing a proper mode of Administring Civil and Criminal Justice within Our said Province of Quebec, conformable to the Spirit and Intention of the aforesaid Act of Parliament, Intituled, "An Act for making more Effectual Provision for the Government of the Province of Quebec in North America," It is Our Will and Pleasure that you do from time to time, with Our said Council in their Legislative Capacities, deliberate upon, and frame such Ordinances, as the Circumstances and Condition of Affairs may require, either for continuing, Amending or enforcing such Ordinances, as have been Ordained, as aforesaid, or making any further and necessary Changes and Regulations in the Courts as established, or in the mode of administering Justice within Our said Province; provided, that such Ordinances be strictly conformable to the Act of Parliament aforesaid, And to the Tenor of these Our Instructions.

    Endorsed: Frederick Haldimand Esqr Governor of Quebec Dated 15th April 1777. (1778).

    The Usual Trade Instructions were signed & dated as above.



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