p. 754                                JOINT

No. 185.


Passed Under the Great Seal of the United Kingdom, Constituting the Office of Governor and Commander-in-Chief of the Island of Newfoundland
and its Dependencies.

PAT ROLL.   39 VICT.   PART 3.   NO. 6.   NO. 5063.

VICTORIA, by the Grace of God, of the United
[VICTORIA R.]        Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Queen
Defender of the Faith.       


    Whereas We did, by certain Letters-Patent under the Great Seal of Our United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, bearing the date at Westminster the sixth day of September, 1869, in the thirty-third year of Our reign, constitute and appoint Our trusty and well-beloved Colonel STEPHEN JOHN HILL (now Sir STEPHEN JOHN HILL, Knight Commander of Our Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George), Companion of Our Most Honourable Order of the Bath, to be, during Our pleasure, Our Governor and Commander-in-Chief in and over Our Island of Newfoundland and its Dependencies. And whereas We are desirous of making effectual and permanent provision for the office of Governor and Commander-in-Chief in and over Our said Island of Newfoundland and its Dependencies without making new Letters-Patent on each demise of the said office: Now know ye that We have revoked and determined, and by these presents do revoke and determine, the said recited Letters-Patent, and every clause, article, and thing therein contained: And further know ye, that We, of Our special grace, certain knowledge, and mere motion, have thought fit to constitute, order, and declare, and do by these presents, constitute, order, and declare, that there shall be a Governor and Commander-in-Chief (hereinafter called Our said Governor) in and over Our Island of Newfoundland, and the islands adjacent, and all the coast of Labrador from the entrance of Hudson's Straits to a line to be drawn due north and south, from Anse Sablon on the said coast to the fifty-second degree of north latitude, and all the islands adjacent to that part of the said coast of Labrador, as also of all forts and garrisons

p. 755

erected and established, or which shall be erected and established within or on the islands and coast aforesaid (which said islands and coast, together with the island of Newfoundland, are hereinafter referred to as Our said Colony), and that the person who shall fill the said office of Governor shall be, from time to time, appointed by Commission under Our Sign-Manual and Signet. And We do hereby authorize and command Our said Governor to do and execute in due manner all things that shall belong to his said command, and to the trust We have reposed in him, according to the several powers and authorities granted or appointed him by virtue of these present Letters-Patent, and of such Commission as may be issued to him under Our Sign-Manuel and Signet, and according to such instructions as may from time to time be given to him under Our Sign-Manuel and Signet, or by Our order in Our Privy Council, or by Us through one of Our principal Secretaries of State, and according to such laws and ordinances as are or shall hereafter be in force in Our said Colony.
    *                *                 *                *    

Witness 28th March          
By Her Majesty's Command.   



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