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No. 152.




ADM. SEC. 2.    VOL. 133.

Instructions for the Honble William Waldegrave, Vice Admiral of     the Blue, and Commander in Chief of a Squadron of His     Majesty's Ships and Vessels employed and to be employed at     and about Newfoundland, the Islands of Madelaine and     Anticosti, and upon the Coast of Labrador, from the River St     John to the Entrance of Hudson's Straits.

    Whereas you have received the King's Commission appointing you Governor and Commander in Chief in and over the Island of Newfoundland, and of the Islands of Madelaine in the Gulph of St Lawrence and of all the Forts and Garrisons erected and established in the said Islands, and also His Majesty's Instructions for Your Government therein, You are to take particular care to act in all respects conformably to what is required by the said Commission &c. (same as to Rear Admiral Sir James Wallace Knt Order Book Nº 125, page 165).  [ante p. 591]

[Arts. 2-9 same as Arts. 2-9 to Rear Admiral Sir James Wallace, ante p. 591]

    The Islands of St Pierre and Miquilon having surrendered at discretion to His Majesty's Forces on the 14th of May 1793, you are to take such steps as you shall think necessary for the protection of the said Islands and for securing them in the possession of His Majesty.

    When the early Trade shall be ready You are to Order the Commander of one of the Frigates at such time as from Circumstances you may judge most proper to take them under his Care and proceed with them off the Coast of Portugal, calling at Lisbon where he is to remain not exceeding ten days for such Trade as may be ready and willing to accompany him and then proceed to England with them, repairing to Spithead where he is to remain 'til further Order, and/seeing the Trade in safety as far as his way and theirs may lie together.

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    And when the Service will admit, you are to send home the other Ships and Vessels of your Squadron &c. &c. (same as to Rear Admiral Sir James Wallace).  [ante p. 591]

    By the end of October you are to take under your Convoy any Fishing Ships which may be then bound to Portugal and to see them off their respective Ports: And in case you shall find at Lisbon or Oporto any homeward bound Trade ready and willing to accompany you to England, you are to take them under your Care, and after a stay not exceeding eight days at one or other of those ports, you are to put to Sea and make the best of your way with the aforesaid Trade to England, repairing to Spithead where you are to remain until further Orders, and seeing the said Trade in safety as far as your way and theirs may lie together. In case however it shall be necessary or more eligible for you to send a Frigate to perform this Service, you are at liberty to do so, and to proceed yourself directly in the Romney to England with such Homeward bound Trade as may be desirous and in readiness to accompany you, repairing to Spithead and sending to us an Account of your arrival and proceedings.

    You are to send by all opportunities to our Secretary an account of your proceedings relative to the service &c. &c. (same as the 16th Article to Rear Admiral Sir James Wallace).  [ante p. 592]

Given &c. 23rd May 1797.

W. YOUNG.     
    By &c.
              E. N.



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