The Labrador Boundary

Privy Council Documents

Volume II

[15 May, 1789.]


Order approving the Draughts of a Commission and Instructions for Mark Milbanke Esqre Governor.

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No. 141.




P.C. 2    VOL. 134.
Extracted from Minutes of Privy Council of 15 May 1789.

    Whereas there was this Day read at the Board a Report from the Right Honorable the Lords of the Committee of Council appointed for the Consideration of all Matters relating to Trade and Foreign Plantations, dated the 8th of this Instant. vizt

    "Your Majesty having been pleased by your Order in Council to refer unto this Committee a Letter from the Right Honourable Lord Sydney, One of Your Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State to the Lord President of the Council in the Words following, vizt

   My Lord,
    The King having been pleased to appoint Mark Milbanke Esquire, Vice Admiral of the White Squadron of His Majesty's Fleet, to be Governor and Commander in Chief of the Island of Newfoundland and of the Islands of Madelaine in the Gulph of St Lawrence in the room of Vice Admiral Elliott, I am to desire that Your Lordship will be pleased to lay before His Majesty in Council a Draught of the Commission and Instructions proposed to be given to the Vice Admiral.
    The Commission is similar to that which has been held by Vice Admiral Elliott, but some variations will be found in the Instructions, which I shall now particularly point out."
    "The first has been made in consequence of a Representation of the principal Merchants and others of the Town and District of St Johns, of the Insufficiency of the twelve public Houses at present licensed for the accommodation of persons resorting thither and of the expediency of increasing the number. This Measure having been strongly recommended by the present Governor, an Authority is given to Vice Admiral Milbanke to grant such further Licenses as
p. 563
may be judged necessary, not however exceeding Twenty four in the whole, subjecting the Master or persons keeping such public Houses to the same conditions as those already licensed."
    "An Addition has also been made to the 27th Article, conformably to a separate Instruction given to Governor Elliot last Year, with a view to the preventing a concurrent Fishery on that part of the Coast allotted to the French, and a variation has been made in the Scheme for the state of the Fishery, which the Governor is directed annually to transmit, the Form of which I think is better calculated for conveying the Information desired than that which has hitherto been observed by his Predecessors."
    "The Directions contained in His Majesty's Order in Council of the 13th of last Month with respect to the Importation of Bread Flour and Indian Corn, the Produce of the American States into the Island of Newfoundland will be the subject of an additional Instruction, that Regulation being of a temporary nature."
    "The Lords of the Committee, in obedience to Your Majesty's said Order of Reference, this Day took the said Draughts of Commission and Instructions for Mark Milbanke Esquire, together with the Letter accompanying the same into their Consideration, and being of Opinion that the said Alterations made in the Instructions are proper and necessary do agree to lay the same, together with the Draft of the said Commission, before Your Majesty for your Royal Approbation."

    His Majesty taking the said Report into Consideration was pleased, with the Advice of His Privy Council to approve thereof and of the said Draught of a Commission and Instructions and of the Alterations proposed to be made in the said Draught of Instructions. And His Majesty doth hereby Order That the Right Honorable Lord Sydney, One of His Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, do cause a Warrant to be prepared for His Majesty's Royal Signature for passing a Commission agreable to the said Draught (which is hereunto annexed) under the Great Seal of Great Britain. And that His Lordship do also cause the said Instructions (which are hereunto also annexed) to be prepared for His Majesty's Royal Signature.




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