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No. 132.




C.O. 5.    VOL. 32.
At the Court at St James's            
the 3rd of May, 1782.  
The King's most Excellent Majesty in Council.

    Whereas there was this Day read at the Board, a Report from the Right Honorable the Lords of the Committee of Council for Plantation Affairs, Dated the 25th of last Month, in the words following, vizt:—

    "Your Majesty having been pleased to referr unto this Committee, a Representation of the Lords Commissioners for Trade and plantations, dated the 19th Instant, in the words following vizt—"
    "Your Majesty having signified to us your Royal Pleasure by the Earl of Shelburne, one of your Majesty's principal Secretaries of State, that We should prepare Draughts of a Commission and Instructions to be submitted to your Majesty's approbation, for Vice Admiral John Campbell appointed by Your Majesty Governor of Newfoundland, and the Islands thereunto belonging; We beg leave humbly to represent:—"
    "That having already prepared and submitted the Draught of a Commission for the said Governor in the usual form and tenour, We beg leave herewith to lay before Your Majesty, a Draught of Instructions, in which, after Consultation had with Your Majesty's present and preceeding Governor, we have judged it expedient to alter some Articles, and omit many others."
    "Whilst we forbear to enter into an Enumeration of Minute Corrections, we think it necessary to observe, that we have proposed to omit the eleventh Article of the late Instructions, and in lieu thereof,"
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"to substitute the Article as it now stands, as being more comprehensive, and including a general Direction for the due Observance of the several Acts passed in the fifteenth, eighteenth and nineteenth Years of Your Majesty's Reign, and which apply to the Trade of Newfoundland."
    "The seventeenth Article of the late Instructions, we have Omitted, as it contains simply a direction to the Governor to carry with him a Copy of the Act of the tenth and eleventh of King William the third, and we have inserted in lieu thereof the Article as it now stands, and which we presume will comprehend every Direction necessary to be given upon the said Act."
    "We have omitted the Articles from the eighteenth to the thirty fourth, both inclusive of the former Copy, as only containing Queries arising from the said Act of the tenth and eleventh King William the third, and which, although they might have been proper to give in Instruction to the Governor of Newfoundland in 1699, when that Act was recently passed, do not now appear to us any longer necessary."
    "We have altered and retrenched the thirty fifth Article, in Consequence of these Omissions; And we have left out the Articles from the Thirty Sixth to the Sixty third inclusive, as containing Queries under the like description as those already stated, and which appear to us equally superfluous, and we have in lieu thereof substituted the nineteenth and twentieth Articles as they now stand, the first for general Information, with respect to the Regulations at present observed, and the latter with respect to the Treatment of the Native Indians."
    "The other Articles stand as they did before."
    "And it having been represented to us, that several of Your Majesty's Subjects have settled themselves upon the Islands of St Pierre and Miquelon for the purpose of carrying on Fisheries, we have thought it necessary to insert the thirty first Instruction, in Order that they may/conform themselves, as far as local Circumstances may Admit, to the several Regulations contained in these Instructions."
    "The Lords of the Committee, in obedience to Your Majesty's said Order of Reference, this Day took the said Representation and Draught of General Instructions into Consideration, and concurring in opinion with the said Lords Commissioners that the Omission of the several Articles above mentioned, the alteration of others, and the insertion of the thirty first Article for the guidance of such of your Majesty's Subjects as have settled themselves upon the Islands of St Pierre and Miquelon for the purpose of carrying on Fisheries are proper and necessary. Do humbly agree to Report to Your Majesty that the said Draught of Instructions is proper for Your Majesty's Royal Approbation."
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    His Majesty taking the said Report into consideration, is pleased, with the Advice of His privy Council, to approve of the said Draught of Instructions, and also of the Alterations made therein, and to Order as it is hereby ordered, that the Right Honorable the Earl of Shelburne, one of His Majesty's principal Secretaries of State, do cause the said Draught of Instructions (which are hereunto annexed) to be prepared for His Majesty's Royal Signature.

O. signed.  
    Endorsed. Order in Council,
                 3d May, 1782.
    Approving the Drat of a Instructions for Vice-
    Adml Campbell, Governor of Newfoundland.



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