The Labrador Boundary

Privy Council Documents

Volume II

[2 June, 1766.]

Instructions, for commandg in Chief at & about Newfdland &ca.

p. 447                                           C

No. 103.




ADM. SEC. OUT LETTERS.     VOL. 93, pp. 280-282.
By &ca.                      

    You are hereby required and directed to repair forthwith to Portsmouth, and hoistg your Broad Pendant on board His Majesty's Ship the Guernsey, proceed in her as soon as possible to Newfoundland, and employ your self and the Ships & Vessels which have already been put under your Command for the protection of the Fisheries at and about Newfoundland, and of the Fishing Ships & Vessels belonging to His Majesty's Subjects, to and from that Island, conformable to the Orders and Instructions you received last Year.

    In case you shall at any time find that a greater Number of Ships and Vessels than those above mentioned are necessary to enable you to execute the Service on which you are employed; You are to apply to Vice Admiral Durell, (Commander in Cheif[sic] of His Majesty's Ships & Vessels, employed and to be employed in the River St Lawrence, and along the coast of Nova Scotia, the Islands of St John & Cape Breton and thence to Cape Florida and the Bahama Islands) at Halifax for such Reinforcements as you shall stand in need of, who has our Orders to supply you therewith.

    In Case of the Death of any Officer of the Ships or Vessels under your Command, or the dismission of them by a Court Martial, You are hereby empowered to appoint such other Persons as by the Quality of their employment, ought to succeed therein; particularly observing to appoint Commanders to be Captains of Post Ships, in preference to Lieutenants; And you are to take notice that we will not Confirm any Officers, appointed to vacancies, arising in any other manner: In Case of suspension you are only to give orders to proper persons to act, until such suspension shall be removed, or we shall think fit to give directions therein: And you are constantly to transmit to Us by the first opportunity, after appointing any Officer as aforesaid, an Account thereof, with your reasons for Appointing him.

    For the better maintaining a proper Government and strict Discipline in the Squadron under your Command; We do hereby Authorize and

p. 448

empower you, to call and assemble Courts Martial in Foreign parts, as often as you shall see occasion; and Whereas Commanders in Chief of Squadrons of His Majesty's Ships in foreign parts, have sometimes neglected to hold Courts Martial for enquiring into the occasion of the loss of His Majesty's Ships when such misfortunes have happen'd, whereby the Crown has been put to an unnecessary expence, and the Officers & Companies been put to great inconveniencies by being kept out of their Wages; You are in Case of such accident, to try the Officers and Company for the same, and to transmit to our Secretary the Proceeding & Judgement thereupon, by the first Conveyance.

    You are to send by all opportunities to our Secretary for our Information, an account of your proceedings relative to the Service, and such Intelligence as you may have collected proper for our knowledge; And you are moreover upon your return to England, to transmit to our Secretary to be laid before Us, a Journal of your Proceedings with the Squadron under your Command, or any part thereof, and of the Services upon which you may send any of the Ships or Vessels, with your Reasons for the same, and to Note therein all such particulars and remarkable occurrences as may be proper for our Information. Given &ca. the 2d of June 1766.

WM MEREDYTH         
J. BULLER.                 
To Hugh Pallisser Esqr,
    Commander in Chief of His Majesty's
      Ships & Vessels employed & to be
      employ'd at and about the Islands
      of Newfoundland, Madelaine, Anti-
      costi & ca
                           By &ca



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