The Labrador Boundary

Privy Council Documents

Volume II

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No. 87.



July 1st (Saturday). —The cows were not found last night; the         blacksmith went to look for them and returned with them at 9         o'clock. Mingan, John Baptiste came with a little fat and a         small bear skin.

July 7th (Friday). —The Indians started to-day in the old whale         boat for the Nascopie River, to bring down their deer meat.         Spence preparing for his departure (July 8th) for Kennimish. I         have decided on sending Gaghon with him, and Henry Hay         and John Pierre to Kennimoe and not Ticguacmagan as I         intended at first as the latter would most likely have a crowd of         Indians about him and besides there is a probability of their not         being able to set the nets for some time, owing to the strength         of the current, and the company's men may be employed in         cutting logs for the buildings that are to be erected next spring.

July 10th (Monday). —Set the net this morning. Got 6 salmon this         afternoon.

July 13th (Thursday). —Got 5 salmon this afternoon.

July 18th (Tuesday). —Got 24 salmon to-day.

July 19th (Wednesday). —Went to Kennimish after dinner. They         are not doing as well as I had expected, not even as many as         at N.W. River. Kennimish and Kenimo have got about the         same quantity, viz.: 3/4 Puncheon. Got 5 salmon to-day.

July 21st (Friday). —We are getting anxious about the Inlanders         not making their appearance; those who are acquainted with         the river say that some accident must have happened to keep         them so long.

July 24th (Monday). —As the Inlanders have not made their         appearance we have decided on sending up a canoe to see         what has happened to detain them. The Indians are all about to         commence building canoes so that none of them will go. As a         last resource therefore I intend taking Henry Hay and Jean         Pierre away from Kennimo and sending

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        them up, replacing them at the fishing post, by John Baptiste,         Tiswisco and Johnny. I went over to Kennimish and Kennimo         in the whale boat to-day and returned at 8:30 p.m. with John         Pierre and Hay. Spence has got about 9 tierces of salmon and         the other place ditto.

July 26th (Wednesday). —Henry Hay and J. Pierre about to start         for the Grand River, but just as they were ready some Indians         who came over the Portage informed us that the Nascopies         were coming. They hove in sight about noon and arrived at         the post at 1 p.m.

July 29th (Saturday). —The "Maggie" started this morning for the         Lake. Mr. McPherson saw 2 vessels off of Mulligan at 8:30          a.m.; they are coming on slowly, the wind being ahead.

July 30th (Sunday). —The two crafts seen yesterday proved to be         the Canada vessel "Jacques Cartier" and the "Volant," the         Collectors schooner. Anchored off the point.

July 31st (Monday). —The two crafts came up the River this         morning. Mr. McPherson and myself went on board the         Collector after dinner, in compliance with his request — after a         great deal of trouble I was obliged to give him a Bill of         Exchange for £51 18s. 4d. before he would allow me to unload         the Jacques Cartier.

Aug. 1st (Tuesday). —The Volant started (sailed) at 11 a.m.

Aug. 3rd (Thursday). —The non arrival of Mr. Smith or any other        gentleman to take charge of the District cause us to fear some         accident had happened to the vessel. Started at 10 a.m. in        whale boat for Rigolet, but met Mr. Smith coming up in the        Rigolet whale boat, so turned back and got here at 10:30 p.m.

Aug. 4th (Friday). —The Sea-boat went over last evening for the        Kennimo salmon, returned to-day about 2 o'clock.

Aug. 11th (Friday). —All hands employed putting provisions, etc.,        on board the "Jacques Cartier." The Rigolet whale boat left for        that post at 8:30 a.m.

Aug. 12th (Saturday). —J. Flett and his brother sent to the other        side to cut grass. 50 bundles.

Aug. 13th (Sunday). —"Jacques Cartier" preparing for a start        when being towed out she got ashore and was stuck for        upwards of an hour. Capt. Dodge arrived at 7 p.m. with the        schooner "Silas Arnold."

Aug. 14th (Monday). —The Inland boat left for the Rapid with        supplies for Winnebogan Lake. The Jacques Cartier got under        weigh at 1 p.m. for Rigolet having on board Mr. Chief Trader        McPherson and family.

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Aug. 16th (Wednesday). —About 5 a.m. the Lila Rich left having        Mr. and Mrs. Smith on board.

Aug. 25th (Friday). —Greater part of North West River and        Mingan Indians left for Grand Lake for a few days.

Aug. 26th (Saturday). —Early this morning the Nascopie        Voyageurs left this in a body to return back by the Nascopie        River—although I tried hard to induce them to wait a few        days longer, but to no purpose. The men brought home another        load of grass from Point Hebron.

Aug. 28th (Monday). —About 8 a.m. the "Lively" arrived from        Rigolet having on board Mr. G. F. Smith and lady—Mrs.        McPherson and family.

Aug. 29th (Tuesday). —All hands busy at the unloading of        "Lively." All the Indians arrived in the evening.

Sept. 6th (Wednesday). —P. Alexander, M. Gaghon, G.        Plenderleith, S. Scanlon, F. Flett, preparing to start for Inland.

Sept. 7th (Thursday). —Men under orders for Inland, but about        11 a.m. it commenced to blow so much that the boat for Inland        could not start so they will have to wait until to-morrow.

Sept. 8th (Friday). —The parties for the Inland post of Fort        Nascopie, and Winniwishaupon who have been detained by        head winds since the 6th, set out on their journey. They consist        of Chief Trader Henry Connolly, with M. Gaghon and Thos.        Flett—Labourers—for Winnischapon, and Matthew        Fortescue, Clerk, with Jas. Connolly and Ed. Richards, Jr. for        Nascopie, E. Richards Sr. to proceed to Ungava, Louis the         Iriquois who remains as a Trapper and a Nascopie Indian, and        five men, viz.: Jean Pierre, A. Cameron, P. Alexander, Geo.        Plenderleith and T. Scanlon who are to return to N. W. River        after assisting Mr. Fortescue with the transport of the Goods to        Nascopie, Scanlon the carpenter is also to make some        necessary repairs to the Inland posts besides the above        mentioned individuals. Eleven Indians have gone as crew to the        Winnokapau boat. They are seven men from Mingan and four        from this post, viz.: S. Maskima, J. Baptiste Ashenie and John        Ashenie and J. Bapt. Mingan. They were accompanied by the        Maggie Boat—William Spence and John Flett to English        Point.

Sept. 9th (Saturday). —J. B. Mingan and Witshesa got some        supplies, the latter to account of Winnokhapau and will leave        early to-morrow morning.

Sept. 10th (Sunday). —The Sea Boat Maggie returned to-day        bringing the Kennimish and Kennimo nets and a few        salmon which remained at the latter place. J. B. Mingan and        Witshesa left this forenoon.

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Sept. 13th (Wednesday). —Ticguapeuagon and Picheca left for        their hunting grounds.

Sept. 14th (Thursday). —A good many of the Nascopie furs were        found to be damp and mouldy and had to be hung out to dry        and rubbed down.

Sept. 15th (Friday). —Baikie went out to look for the cows but        was unable to find them.

Sept. 16th (Saturday). —Baikie off after the cows. He found them        and returned with them at 10 a.m.

Sept. 17th (Sunday). —About 4 p.m. the Rigolet whale boat        arrived. D. Munroe, Carl Bruman, and Wm. Goudie on board;        they report that the bark "Ocean Nymph" that left Rigolet for        Ungava some 3 weeks ago returned to Tub Harbour on her        way back to Rigolet. Mr. Chief Trader McPherson arrived        about 5 p.m.

Sept. 23rd (Saturday). —Preparing to send Lively to Rigolet with        3 barrels of potatoes and 1 of turnips. Snowing occasionally        during the afternoon.

Oct. 15th (Sunday). —About 6 p.m. A. Cameron, George        Plenderleith, Peter Alexander and Thos. Scanlon arrived from        the Hamilton River.

Oct. 16th (Monday). —Flett and Hay preparing for their departure        for Hamilton River.

Dec. 30th (Saturday). —The men variously employed at the post.        About noon Wm. Spence and P. Alexander returned from        Nascopie River; they have caught 16 martens. A. Cameron and        D. Munroe also came home this evening; they have got 13        martens, and at North West River we have got 33 martens,        being 4 more than both the others put together.


Feb. 19th (Monday). —Mr. A. Cameron and Munroe left with the        Winnokapau packet.

Feb. 28th (Wednesday). —Men from the Lake came home at 1         p.m. with 111 flat boards.

Oct. 27th (Saturday). —Myself and party, viz.: Wm. Scott, F.        Hope, Geo. Plenderleith, H. Hay and John Murry arrived here        from Winowokapau Lake at 4 o'clock p.m. found the post in        charge of Edward Brown, the house stores, etc. being all        securely locked.

Nov. 2nd (Friday). —D. Irvine and crew returned from        Sabaschon with the whale bout at 5 o'clock this morning, after        breakfast Baikie commenced preparing for his departure from        Muskrat Island, at about 1 p.m. I was surprised by the arrival        of 3 canoes, belonging to Picheca

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       Ticguappemagon and their families, they have been very ill and        unable to hunt so they came down with the intention I believe of        proceeding on to Sabaschon to fish for trout. Baikie, and Wm.        Scott and H. Hay and his daughter, left at 2 p.m. the two        former for Rat Island and the latter for Sandy Bank.


Jan. 1st (Tuesday). —New Year's Day. Some planters arrived to       spend New Year. Indians came about noon and left again.

Jan. 15th (Tuesday). —F. Hope arrived last evening from       Nascopie River hunting post. He got 15 martens and 1 mink.

Jan. 22nd (Tuesday). —About 11 a.m. 2 Indians, viz., Joseph        Petu and Domineque St. Ange arrived from Kiminow River.        Mr. Fortescue and 2 men accompanied them as far as Gull        Island. Their provisions at Winniwpau being exhausted, they        were obliged to come down to Gull Island for a fresh supply.

Feb. 22nd (Friday). —The Indians all about here.

Feb. 24th (Sunday). —Indians all left to-day.

May 1st (Wednesday). —Indians all hanging about here still.

May 3rd (Friday). —Most of the Indians left to-day for York        Island, where they are to camp during seal hunting.

May 4th (Saturday). —The last of the Indians left to-day for Pork        Island, Baikie and Hope came over from Kennimish at noon.        They came for provisions and to see if they were to remain        there all spring.

May 7th (Tuesday). —The Indians who accompanied Mr.        Connolly to Rigolet came back to-day. I received letters from        Rigolet dated 4th inst. Irvine is to go down at once the scows        are now finished.

May 11th (Saturday). —Irvine set off for Rigolet at 7 a.m. He is        accompanied as far as Sabaschon by Plenderleith.

May 12th (Sunday). —All the Indians came up from Pork Island        they have killed amongst them about 40 seals; the geese have        come, about 50 of them flew past yesterday. Winter is at last        over. (Grace a Dieu.)

May 14th (Tuesday). —I sent the Indian boys over to Kennimish        to-day for Baikie and Hope. We cannot get on without them        here, after the gardens are finished there is a great deal of work        to do about the boat and the post in general that it is impossible        to let the men remain at Kennimish and have the work done at        the place as well.

June 2nd (Sunday). —Mr. M. Fortescue and men arrived to-day        from Winniwkopau.

June 17th (Monday). —The schooner hauled out of the River at 3        p.m. At about 9 p.m. Mr. Fortescue, and 2 Indians went on        board of her as



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