The Labrador Boundary

Privy Council Documents

Volume II

[30 Nov.

Page 361
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No. 84.


Copy of Reference 393742.

Department of the Interior,            
Ottawa, 30th Nov., 1895.
   A. M. Burgess, Esq.,
                Deputy Minister,
                      Department of the Interior.

    DEAR MR. BURGESS,—I send you the only copy I have in my possession of the small map that was on the Labrador file, and I would like to have it returned to me when you are through with it.

    (1) As you will no doubt recollect the strip of pink colour in parallelism with the Coast, was not intended by us for a proposed or suggested Boundary, but merely to convey an idea of the extent of Territory placed under the jurisdiction of Newfoundland by the Imperial Government, according to the Acts and the Governor's Commissions.

    (2) It was a misconception marking the triangular Territory in Yellow Colour as a "part of the Imperial Transfer in 1880," as in point of fact, it was a part of the old Province of Quebec (See my Memo. to you on the Northern Boundary of Quebec dated 24th July/95), and it is very strange that this was not noticed by some of the officials in the Justice Department at the time.

Yours respectfully,              

(Sgd.)      J. JOHNSTON.      

    P.S.—I also send you herewith copy of our map of Labrador published in July, 1890. It may be of use to you.



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