p. 360                                           C

No. 83.


                                          Government House,
                                                   St. John's, 16th December, 1890.

The Right Honourable the Lord Stanley of Preston.

    MY LORD,—On the 11th of April last I addressed a communication to your lordship with reference to the boundary line between the dominion of Canada and Newfoundland on the Labrador. In this communication I asked for a copy of a certain map prepared by Mr. Johnston, geographer to your government, in the illustration of his arguments, but up to the present moment I have received no reply, and therefore, supposing that the matter must have been somehow overlooked, I venture to again request that your lordship will forward this map to me, so that I may be able to lay the whole question before my ministers.

I have, &c.,                               

T. O'BRIEN.                  



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