The Labrador Boundary

Privy Council Documents

Volume II

[11 April,

Page 359
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Violet Moores,
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p. 359                                           C

No. 82.


                                               Government House,
                                                          St. John's, 11th April, 1890.

H.E. the Right Hon. the Lord Stanley of Preston.

    MY LORD,—I have the honour to inform your excellency that, in consequence of the representations of the judges of the supreme court of this colony as to the limits of their jurisdiction in the Labrador territory, I referred the matter to the right hon. the secretary of state for the colonies, with a request that the boundary between Canada and Newfoundland in that locality might be definitely decided upon.
    2. To this request the secretary of state replies that her majesty's government will be ready to give effect to any arrangements to which your excellency's government and mine can mutually agree. He at the same time forwards to me a copy of your despatch, no. 259 of the 16th December, 1889, in which reference is made to a certain sketch map prepared for the purpose of an illustration of his arguments by Mr. Johnston, geographer.
    3. As a copy of this map has not been forwarded to me, I shall be much obliged if your excellency will cause one to be sent here, as it is impossible to fully appreciate the position taken up by your government and to make any suggestions thereon until this map is laid before my ministers, together with the other documents.

I have, &c.,                                              

T. O'BRIEN, Lt.-Col., Governor.    



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