The Labrador Boundary

Privy Council Documents

Volume II

[24 Jan.,

Page 356
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No. 80.

(Enclosure in No. 77.)


Downing Street,          
24th January, 1890. 
R. J. Pinsent, Esq.

    SIR,—I am directed by Lord Knutsford to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 11th inst., respecting the boundary between Canada and Newfoundland, on the Labrador coast.
    Lord Knutsford desires me to observe that the effect of the acts 14 Geo. 3, cap. 83, and 43 Geo. 3, cap. 138, “was to give Canadian courts jurisdiction over the whole of the dominions of the crown in North America not forming part of any of the provinces.”
    The act of 1809 only re-annexed to Newfoundland part of the coast of Labrador and the subsequent acts and instruments all speak of the coast only as belonging to Newfoundland.
    What may be the exact extent inland of the coast appertaining to Newfoundland, may be a question, but the most liberal interpretation of the term “coast” could hardly in Lord Knutsford's opinion include all the part coloured yellow in Mr. Johnston's sketch. No adjustment of the boundary could well be made without the concurrence of the governments of Canada and Newfoundland, but if these two governments were to agree on a line to divide their respective jurisdictions, her majesty's government would be prepared to take any steps necessary to give effect to their decisions.
    I am desired to enclose copies of the enclosures to my letter of the 9th inst., which you wish to retain, together with a copy of the sketch map which accompanied the governor general's despatch, no. 259, of the 16th ult.

I am, etc.,




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