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the documents I trust in their true light, makes it reasonably clear that what we have to deal with is the Indian country in that internal sense. I am going to call attention to the instructions which follow, which make it even clearer still that that is so. Then I want to call attention to the appointments of the two Agents for Indian Affairs, and a map which indicates their boundaries. I am glad to have the opportunity of showing this to my friend, and giving him all the time I can for it. Then I have completed this part of the case, and can make my submission upon it
There only remain one or two very short matters, almost isolated matters, and I could dispose of one straight away. Your Lordship was interested by the fact that when one looked at the Bill of 1825 you did not find "fifty-second" inserted in the clause, whereas when you look into the Act you do find it. This is not due to the fact that it was only in the haste of Committee that somebody thought of a suitable number and put it in. It was due to a parliamentary, or at any rate a House of Commons practice, which obtained at that date, and indeed long afterwards, and in a rather different form obtains to this day. Every Bill which was introduced into the House of Commons at that period omitted in the printing of it any numeral or number. Supposing, for instance, you were providing that the penalty for a certain offence should be £5, you printed the Bill in this way : "The penalty for this offence shall be. . . . pounds ". If your Lordship would care to look through that little volume which I think my learned friend, Mr. Alexander, procured, you would see in Bill after Bill there is a blank of that sort. Indeed, in principle the thing remains to-day.

Viscount FINLAY : Supposing the penalty were two years imprisonment, was it left blank ?

Sir JOHN SIMON : The number "two" was left out. And if I may say so, it is in a sense the practice to-day, because there is still a rule in the procedure of the House of Commons which provides that you shall not in Committee put to the vote anything which merely fills in a figure. It is actually one of the Standing Orders of the House.

(Adjourned till Friday next, at 10.30 a.m.)


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