[p. 31]

No 12.
C.O. 194/15.
S. 30.


Whitehall, March 24, 1763.

My Lords,

The King having judged it proper that all the Coast of Labradore, from the entrance of Hudson's Streights, to the River St. John's which discharges itself into the Sea, nearly opposite the West End of the Island of Anticosti, including that Island, with any other small Islands on the said Coast of Labradore, and also the Islands of Madelaines, in the Gulph of St. Lawrence, should be included in the Government of Newfoundland, I am commanded to signify His Majesty's Pleasure to Your Lordships, that you do forthwith prepare, to be laid before the King for His Royal Approbation the Draught of a New Commission for Captain Thomas Graves, to be Governor of the Island of Newfoundland and of the Coast of Labradore, with several Islands as above-described ; and I herewith return to Your Lordships the Draught of Instructions for the Governor of Newfoundland transmitted in your Report of the 21st instant (which the King entirely approves) in order that your Lordships may make such Additions to the same as you shall judge expedient and necessary, to render them conformable to the New Commission above-mentioned..

I am, My Lords,

Your Lordships,

Most Obedient Humble Servant,


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