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No 10.
C.O. 194/15.
S. 29.


Whitehall, March 17, 1763.

My Lords

I have the King's Commands to acquaint your Lordships, that his Majesty having taken into Consideration your Representation of the 15th instant, does not judge proper that any Steps should be taken there-upon untill Your Lordships shall have fully complied with the Directions given you by His Majesty's Orders, in my Letter of the 8th. I am therefore commanded to signify to Your Lordships His Majesty's pleasure, that you do, without loss of Time, prepare a Draught of Instructions for the Governor of Newfoundland for this Year, with such alterations from, or Additions to, the Instructions, which have been formerly given in time of Peace, as Your Lordships shall judge necessary or expedient, in order to render them conformable to the Stipulations of the Definitive Treaty, which I have already transmitted to you.
As it is the King's Intentions that the Governor of Newfoundland shall sail as soon as possible, I am commanded to signify to Your Lordships His Majesty's Pleasure that you do acquaint me, for the King's Information, how soon he may expect the Draught of Instructions above-mentioned.

I am, my Lords,
Your Lordships' most obedient humble servant,


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