The Labrador Boundary

Privy Council Documents

Volume I

Page 328
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p. 328                                           N

No. 59.


COLLECTION OF TREATIES.   1688-1771.   Vol. 1. pp. 14-15.

    VII. The Most Christian King shall restore to the said King of Great Britain, all countries, islands, forts and colonies, wheresoever situated, which the English did possess before the declaration of this present war; and in like manner the King of Great Britain shall restore to the most Christian King, all countries, islands, forts, and colonies, whatsoever situated, which the French did possess before the said declaration of war. And this restitution shall be made on both sides, within the space of six months, or, sooner if it can be done. And to that end immediately after the ratification of this treaty, each of the said Kings shall deliver, or cause to be delivered to the other, or to commissioners authorized in his name for that purpose, all acts of concession, instruments and necessary orders, duly made and in proper form, so that they may have their effect.

    VIII. Commissioners shall be appointed on both sides, to examine and determine the rights and pretensions which either of the said Kings hath to the places situated in Hudson's Bay; but the possession of those places which were taken by the French, during the Peace that preceded this Present war, and were retaken by the English during this War, shall be left to the French by virtue of the foregoing article. The capitulation made by the English on the fifth of September, 1696, shall be observed, according to its form and tenor; merchandises therein mentioned shall be restored; the governor of the fort taken there shall be set at liberty, if it be not already done; the differences arisen concerning the execution of the said capitulation, and the value of the goods, there lost, shall be adjudged and determined by the said commissioners, who immediately after the ratification of the present treaty shall be invested with sufficient authority for settling the limits and confines of the lands to the restored on either side by virtue of the forgoing article, and likewise for exchanging of lands, as may coduce to the mutual interest and advantage of both Kings.

    And to this end the commissioners, so appointed, shall, within the space of three months from the time of the ratification of the present treaty, meet in the city of London; and within six months, to be reckoned from their first meeting, shall determine all differences and disputes which may arise concerning this matter; after which, the articles the said commissioners shall agree to, shall be ratified by both Kings, and shall have the same force and vigor, as if they were inserted word for word in the present treaty.



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