The Labrador Boundary

Privy Council Documents

Volume I

[Dec., 1909.]

Page 131
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Karen Follett,
St. John's, NL

p. 131

No. 5.

(Enclosure 3 in No. 2; referred to in Nos. 3 & 4.)


P.C. 1369 L (c).
On the subject of certain licenses to cut timber alleged to have been
      granted by the Government of Newfoundland within the limits of
      the Province of Quebec.

        The undersigned Minister of Lands, Mines and Fisheries of the Province Quebec, has the honor to represent :—
        An article published in the "Canada Lumberman" of the 26th November last, having acquainted the Department with the fact that some lumbering operations were contemplated by a certain Company called:—"The Grand River Pulp and Lumber Co." on the territory South of River Hamilton now belonging to the Province of Quebec, in virtue of the Act 61 Vict. C.3. Canada, my Department wrote on the 6th December instant to the President of said Company to have some information about that affair.
        To our enquiry we received a letter dated the 9th inst. from M. Alfred Dickie, president of the said Company, copy of said letter is attached to this Memo. in which he states that he, in fact, has obtained from the Government of Newfoundland a license for fifty years, to cut timber on 297 square miles both on North and South sides of the Hamilton River about half each—The Government of New-Foundland claiming to have jurisdiction all North of the 52nd parallel of latitude east of the 64th degree of longitude.
        The territory for which such timber license was issued by the Government of New-Foundland, is approximately indicated in green on the enclosed map of the Province of Quebec.
        The undersigned submits the whole for the serious consideration of the Government of the Dominion of Canada and asks that the necessary steps be taken to prevent any encroachment by the government of New-Foundland on the territory of the Province of Quebec.

S. N. PARENT,                   
Minister of Lands, Mines and Fisheries.  

Quebec.   Dec. 1902.



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