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Government House Virtual Tour

Welcome to the Government House Virtual Tour. You may take either a text-based tour or view the slide show. Both tours are divided into six segments: the Grounds, Vestibule and Hall, Dining Room, Drawing Room, Ballroom, and the Royal Suite.

Main Entrance of Government House
Photo © 2000 Don Walsh.

To take the text-based tour simply click on the desired segment in the side bar of this page.

To view the slide show, click on the link below entitled Government House Slide Show. This link opens a separate window using the Macromedia Flash Player plugin.

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher, and this is the first time loading Macromedia Flash, Explorer will automatically download and install the plugin over the internet.

If you are using Netscape, and this is the first time loading Macromedia Flash, you will have to download the plugin from Macromedia to a temporary folder and then install it.

Click on "Get Macromedia Flash Player" graphic to download Macromedia plugin.

Once in the Flash window, clicking on a segment in the side bar will begin that portion of the show. Enhanced by a running series of appropriate images, an audio presentation by Prof. Shane O'Dea of Memorial University will describe the particular segment.

In addition to the six segments, the slide show home page also has three buttons to help you navigate: Stop, Resume, and Home. Stop halts the show, and Resume begins where you left off. Home takes you to the starting screen.

Underneath the video window of each slide show are a number of solid squares. These squares represent subsections of the slide show segment. The wine coloured square corresponds to the subsection you are viewing. Clicking on another (grey) square will move you to the subsection of the show segment which the square represents.

Please note: To view the Government House Slide Show a Pentium or higher level processor is strongly recommended. The slide show can be viewed on 486 computers, but you may experience synchronization degradation between the video and audio portions of the show.

All images in the Government House Slide Show are reproduced by permission of the Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage Web Site © 2000 with the exception of the images of the three lodges and St. Thomas' Church in the Grounds section. These images are reproduced by permission of Don Walsh © 2000.

Government House Slide Show

August 2000, revised March 2002

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