Town of Bristol, ca. 1480.
This map is a depiction of how Bristol appeared in the late 15th century, just prior to John Cabot's arrival.
Adapted from a map by E.M. Carus-Wilson in The Merchant Adventurers of Bristol in the Fifteenth Century (Bristol, England: The Bristol Branch of the Historical Association, ©1962) which was based on an earlier map by William Hunt in Bristol, 2nd ed. (London: Longmans, Green, & Co., 1887).

Legend explanation:
A. Customs House
B. Shipward's House
C. Vyell Place
D. Guildhall
E. Sturmy's House
F. Canynge's House
1. St. John Baptist
2. St. Stephen
3. St. Leonard
4. St. Werburgh
5. St. Ewen
6. Christ Church
7. All Saints
8. St. Mary la Port
9. St. Peter
10. St. Nicholas
11. St. John's Chapel
12. St. Thomas

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