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Photo Credits

Abbreviations used:
PANL Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador
Mott (1)
Smallwood (2)
De Volpi (3)
Hatton and Harvey (4)
Prowse (5)
Marshall/Holloway (6)

I/4Lester Short
I/5De Volpi
I/6Marshall Studio Ltd.; Holloway No. 472
I/7PANL; Holloway No. 1280
II/2Hatton and Harvey
II/3Augustus Wells
II/6Twillingate Museum and John Loveridge
II/7Gerald Carroll
II/8PANL; Holloway No. 393
III/2Frederick J. Stewart
IV/2Geological Survey of Canada No. 81367
IV/4Geological Survey of Canada No. 49797
IV/5Newfoundland and Labrador Dept. of Mines and Energy
IV/6Manuel Currie
IV/7Manuel Currie
IV/8PANL; Holloway No. 1284
IV/9Lawrence Adams
IV/10Garland Studio, St. John's
V/2Sadie House
V/3Joseph Harvey
V/4Joseph Harvey
V/5Leonard House
V/6Leonard House
V/7Sadie House
V/8Sadie House
V/9Sadie House (photo by J. Basha)
V/10Sadie House
V/11Leonard House
V/12W. Martin
V/13Leonard House
V/14Leonard House
VII/1Eric Swanson
VII/2Teresa Makinson
VII/3Teresa Makinson
VII/4Teresa Makinson
VII/5Geological Survey of Canada No. 109420
VII/6Teresa Makinson
VIII/1Henry Gillard
VIII/2Augustus Wells

1. Mott, Henry Y., Newfoundland Men, Concord, N.H.: T.W. and J.F. Cragg, 1894.
2. Smallwood, J.R., ed., The Book of Newfoundland, Vol. III, St. John's: Newfoundland Book Publishers Ltd., 1967.
3. De Volpi, Charles P., Newfoundland: A Pictorial Record, Longman Canada Ltd., 1972.
4. Hatton, Joseph, and Rev. Moses Harvey, Newfoundland, Chapman and Hall, London, 1883.
5. Prowse, D.W., A History of Newfoundland, London: MacMillan and Company, 1895.
6. Marshall Studio Ltd. is a successor to Holloway Studies Ltd., of St. John's.