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[The following bibliography is accurate to the time of the book's original date of publication (1983)]

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Reports and Commissions

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Tribunal in the Matter of the Strike at Buchans Mine, Newfoundland, August 1st to 14th, 1941. St. John's: Blackmore Printing, 1941.

St. John's Newspapers

Courier: 1857-60
Daily News: 1894-1977, various issues
Evening Mercury: 1882-89
Evening Telegram: 1880-1977, various issues
Harbour Grace Standard: 1878-89
Morning Chronicle: 1880
Newfoundlander: 1850-85
Royal Gazette: 1878-1906
Times: 1865
Twillingate Sun: 1880-1899
Western Star: 1900-1914


Journal of the House of Assembly 1850-1929
Proceedings of the House Assembly 1907-1932
Newfoundland Law Reports