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The Water Equivalent of the Snow Cover on January 11, 1983
The water equivalent of the snow cover on January 11, 1983
The amounts shown represent the estimated depth of water (mm) that would result from melting of the entire depth of snow present on January 11th, 1983, immediately prior to the rainstorm. Most if not all, of the snow over central and eastern Newfoundland would have been melted by the heavy warm rain of 12-14th, thus adding to the runoff generated by the storm.

The Flood of January 1983 in Central Newfoundland. Prepared jointly by Environment Canada (Inland Waters Directorate - Atlantic Region and Atmospheric Environment Service - Atlantic Region) and Government of Newfoundland and Labrador (Department of Environment, Water Resources Division), 1985. Reproduced by permission of Environment Canada and the Newfoundland Department of Environment and Labour, 1999. Modified by Duleepa Wijayawardhana, 1999.
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