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  • This article is about the U-boats encountered in Atlantc waters near Newfoundland and Labrador during WWII.
  • The Ottawa Delegation started on June 24, 1947. It was all about the idea of Newfoundland and Labrador joining Canadian Confederation.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador sent some 3,600 loggers overseas during the Second World War. These volunteers formed the Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit (NOFU)
  • The pursuit of resource management dominated Peckford's time in office. Offshore oil, the fisheries, and hydroelectric developments topped the agenda.
  • About the American military base, Fort Pepperrell, located in St. John's during World War II.
  • A people entitled Newfoundland's Dream by W.P. Williams, taken out of the newspaper, The Confederate, on 21 April 1948.
  • An article about the state of the House of Assembly in 1893 and 1894. Originally published in the Gazette on February 6, 1997.
  • For much of the 19th and 20th centuries, Newfoundland governments were deeply concerned about economic development.
  • This article is about the Newfoundland Railway and the politics of it's development from 1897-1914.
  • The life of Sir William Whiteway (1828-1908), lawyer, politician, and prime minster of Newfoundland.
  • An introduction to the documents relating to the Privy Council's decision determining the location of a common boundary between NL and Quebec
  • Biography of Sir Arthur Aston, Proprietary governor of the Province of Avalon, c.1625-1627.
  • Biography of Sir David Kirke, Proprietary governor of Newfoundland, 1638-1651.
  • Biography of Edward Wynne, Proprietary governor of Avalon Colony, 1621-1625.
  • Biography of Francis Tanfield, Proprietary governor of the South Falkland colony, 1623-1625/1626.
  • Biography of Sir George Calvert (Lord Baltimore), Proprietary governor of the Province of Avalon,1627-1629.
  • This history of the governorship in Newfoundland and Labrador begins in 1610, with the appointment of its first governor, John Guy.
  • Biography of John Guy, Proprietary governor of Cuper's Cove, 1610-1614.
  • Biography of John Mason, Proprietary governor of Cuper's Cove, 1615-1621.
  • Biography of John Treworgie, Proprietary governor of Newfoundland, 1653-1660.

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