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  • Cet article porte sur les gouvernements provinciaux entre 1972 et 2001.
  • Vers la fin des années 1960 et dans les années 1970, la province de Terre-Neuve et du Labrador vit une renaissance ou un renouveau de nature culturelle.
  • Un article sur l'histoire de St. John's, T.-N.-L., de 1815 à 2010.
  • This ecoregion is located on the perimeter of Lake Melville. It has humid, cool summers and cold winters.
  • Slope-stability or mass-movement problems occur where either sediment and/or rock and/or snow move downslope in response to gravity.
  • Of the approximate one million artifacts excavated to date from the Ferryland archaeology site, at least a third of those are represented by ceramic sherds.
  • Each artifact or sample removed from the burial matrix of an excavation unit is described briefly on a field tag. Exact location, depth below surface, date of excavation and excavator's name are recorded on the tag.
  • An article on the restoration of ceramic artifacts at the Colony of Avalon in Ferryland, NL
  • After the artifacts have been excavated, stabilized and conserved, documented, catalogued and numbered they are stored in the collections storage room. This is the "above ground" resting place for the objects.
  • Inorganic artifacts are those made from the earth's crust. These objects characteristically will not burn if ignited, are insensitive to light and humidity, are crystalline or glassy in structure, are brittle, and range from being porous to dense, and from soft to hard.
  • A look at Ferryland's onsite conservation lab and the steps followed in order to properly conserve artifacts.
  • Artifacts in this category are those made from animals or plants. Proteins and cellulose are the fundamental building blocks of organic objects, which include artifacts made from leather, wood, bone, ivory, antler, wool, silk, cotton, to mention a few.
  • A look at the ways in which the Conservation Laboratory in Ferryland catalogues its artifacts
  • Upon excavation, objects are brought to the laboratory for mechanical cleaning. Stable ceramics, glass, wood, pipe fragments, roof slates and iron are first sorted by material.
  • Many Aboriginal people in the province and country see self-government as a way to preserve their culture and attain greater control over their lives.
  • The 1985 Atlantic Accord is an agreement between the Newfoundland and Labrador and Ottawa concerning the management of the oil and gas reserves.
  • A virtual tour of the Government House Ballroom.
  • A virtual tour of the Government House Dining Room.
  • A virtual tour of the Government House Drawing Room, the principal reception room of the house.
  • The Grimes government was a difficult period for the provincial Liberals, marked by internal strife, declining popularity, and strong PC opposition.

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