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  • Tracks from Tickle Harbour's <em>Battery Included</em> and album credits.
  • Traditional tracks from Tickle's Harbour's <em>The Brule Boys in Paris</em> and album credits.
  • Overview of the music of the band Tickle Harbour.
  • Page 1 of graphite drawings, graphite and pastel drawings, and acrylic paitings on wood by Tish Holland
  • Biography of painter Tish Holland
  • Biography on the writer and poet, Tom Dawe
  • Traditional music represents the province's history and culture, and forms a vital link between the past and present.
  • While the arts take many forms, vernacular art has always been important in Newfoundland daily life.
  • Biography of the writer and poet, Irving W Fogwill
  • Page 1 of oil paintings and acrylics by Wally Brants
  • Biography of artist Wally Brants
  • Page 1 of lithographs by William B. Ritchie
  • Page 2 of watercolours, lithographs, and oil paintings by William B. Ritchie
  • Biography of artist William B. Ritchie
  • Wonderbolt was founded in 1978 to produce one-clown shows and has since grown into an annual summer circus event for audiences of all ages
  • The labour force of Newfoundland and Labrador is now more highly diversified than is usually realized.
  • Although it is often described in different terms, the expedition that led to the discovery of Newfoundland was primarily an economic enterprise.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador's physical environment greatly influenced the ways settlers made a living during the 19th century. The richness of marine resources encouraged a pattern of coastal settlement and made the cod and seal fisheries central to local economies. In contrast, the relative scarcity of good soils and other terrestrial resources made large-scale farming operations impractical and discouraged year-round habitation of interior spaces.
  • European fishers had been working off Newfoundland and Labrador's coasts for about 100 years by the turn of the 17th century.

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