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The Colony of Avalon offers guided tours seven days a week during mid June to mid October. These tours cover the Archaeological Site, the Interpretation Center and Conservation Laboratory. What we have provided here is a walking tour through photographs, audio and articles of the Archaeological Site. It is structured similar to the tour given at the Colony of Avalon with five stops: the Forge, Waterfront, House and Well, Garden and the Defenses of Avalon.

There are two options for taking the tour: a Java™ based version with accompanying RealAudio* narration by Dr. James Tuck and a text based version with articles and photographs of the various stops. A selection can be made from the links in the sidebar to your left.

A screenshot of the Java™ based tour.
The tour is accompanied by RealAudio narration by James Tuck. Start the tour.

A tour of the Interpretation Centre Museum can be accessed on the Interpretation Centre Museum Page page under Artifacts. If you require further information about the tours offered at the Colony of Avalon Archaeological Site, please visit the Contacts page.

*Note: The audio narration used in these pages is encoded into RealAudio format and requires the RealPlayer. If you do not have the RealPlayer installed on your system, a free version can be downloaded from RealNetworks.

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