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Welcome to the Colony of Avalon Virtual Tour. You may take either the text-based tour, or the virtual walking tour presented in the form of a slide show with audio.

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Colony of Avalon, Ferryland
View overlooking the Colony of Avalon in Ferryland.
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To take the text-based tour simply click on the link entitled Text-Based Tour Introduction in the side bar of this page.

To view the slide show, click on the link at the bottom of the page entitled Colony of Avalon Virtual Walking Tour. This link opens a separate window using the Macromedia Flash Player plugin.

Please note: To view the Colony of Avalon Slide Show a Pentium or higher level processor is recommended. The slide show can be viewed on 486 computers, but you may experience synchronization degradation between the video and audio portions of the show.

The slide show file size is 6.8 megabytes and is intended to be used on a high-speed Internet connection. The browser's Macromedia Flash plugin will begin the tour after approximately 200 kilobytes have been loaded, but if you are using a modem that is 56K or slower you will experience both a significant delay before the tour begins and repeated interruptions as the tour progresses. It is recommended that visitors using modems choose the text-based tour.

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher, and this is the first time loading Macromedia Flash, Explorer will automatically download and install the plugin over the internet.

If you are using Netscape, and this is the first time loading Macromedia Flash, you will have to download the plugin from Macromedia to a temporary folder and then install it.

Click on "Get Macromedia Flash Player" graphic to download Macromedia plugin.

Once in the Flash window, simply click on "Begin the Tour" to commence the slide show. Enhanced by a running series of images, Dr. Jim Tuck of Memorial University's Archaeology Unit takes you on an audio/visual tour of the Colony of Avalon. The full tour takes approximately 20 minutes and consists of four segments. You can jump to any segment directly by clicking on its link in the top right portion of the screen (manually moving between segments is not recommended if using a modem).

There are a number of other links to help you navigate. Located at the bottom left of the screen, there is a Pause button which halts the show, and a Resume button which re-starts where you left off. In the left side bar of the video window of each segment are a number of titles. These titles represent subsections of that segment. The mustard coloured title corresponds to the subsection you are viewing. Clicking on another (white) title will move you to the subsection which the title represents.

This new virtual tour replaces the original 1999 Java-based tour which included audio and panoramic views of the site. In the three years since that tour was developed many new sections of the original colony have been uncovered and a great number of artifacts found. However, the original 1999 Walking Tour is still available to the interested visitor.

Begin: Colony of Avalon Virtual Walking Tour

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Updated January 2006.

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