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Ferryland names

Documents relating to Ferryland: 1597 to 1726

12 September, 1682; Daniel Jones [Captain HMS DIAMOND]
extract from "Newfoundland Acc of Inhabitants - fishery etc."

Great Britain, PRO, Colonial Office, CO 1/49 (51v), 192.
MHA 16-D-1-046. Transcribed by P.E. Pope.

Subjects: planters, cod, fisheries, ships, boats, servants, stages, census (1682).

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Places Names Ferryland Caplin Bay

Families 10 1
Numbers Men 150 20
Women 10 2
Children 11 4
Planters' Boats 30 3
Quantity of Fish
160 160
Ships Number 5 3
Admiral Belongs George Powel
of Bideford
Edward Williams
of Barnstaple
Ships Fishing 1 1
Ships Sacks 4 2
Ship Boats 30 10
Stages 13 3

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